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1977 AMC Matador - bepperson70


1977 Amc Matador Side View 18 Wheels
Owner:   bepperson70
Year: 1977
Make: AMC
Model: Matador
Est.Horsepower: 430
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About my Matador

I never seem to find any one building one of these, so it looks like i will have a one of a kind hot rod. It has some pretty cool lines after you get rid of the hidious bumpers and plaid interior. Scince it was used in Nascar back in the day it had to be worth a shot. The stock 360 had been EPA detuned to 185hp for emission reasons but with the help of compcams, edlebrock and heddman and somebody named Abby Normal she has been brought back to life with a whopping 430hp and 415ftlb of torque. I am now in the processof paint and body and interior, so far I've done all the work myself with a little help from my friends.

Comments On bepperson70's Matador

matador357 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 08/13/10
Posted: 08/13/10 09:51 AM

nice car, my 1975 amc matador is slick, mine still has the stock 304 in it, but every thing else exept the interior has been modified, my car looks almost identical to your 77, but mine has 70's alluminum mag wheels and is painted mid night blue any way great cars, only 22,800 made in 75, nNever sell that car!!!!!!!!
mdmBOP | New User
Posts: 3 | Joined 02/26/09
Posted: 08/26/09 01:20 PM

Rare car indeed. Nice futuristic lines, definitely will turn a lot of heads when you're finished. Be sure to post some pics of the final product.

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