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1968 Plymouth Barracuda - flyusmc


1968 Plymouth Barracuda Front Quarter View
Owner:   flyusmc
Year: 1968
Make: Plymouth
Model: Barracuda
Est.Horsepower: 450
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About my Barracuda

Where do I begin?  My dream car has been a 68-69 Plymouth Barracuda with a high revving small block and a manual.  B-5 Blue please!  I finally purchased my base car in 2004 after my first deployment to Iraq.  After each Deployment (4 total now) I've fixed or modified it to a vision I've had in my head the whole time.  I'm 90% there now.
I've got a stroked 340 with all the goodies (4.0 Eagle crank, edlebrock 340 aluminum heads, mopar purple 7000 rpm cam, MSD, 750 D.P., RPM Air Gap, adjustable rockers, titanium pushrods, etc, electric fuel pump, TTI headers/exhaust, light weight starter, H.D. aluminum radiator, and hp water pump..+
I installed a Tremec TKO-600 5-speed, RMS Alter-K-Tion front suspension (handling package), and 4 link rear suspension, with roll bars, mini-tub, frame rials installed, Power steering, Wildwood hydroboost, Billet Vintiques 95 series Ralley Wheels with 245 45 17 fronts, and 285 40 17's rear, with NITTO 505's
I weighed it for a ~3090 lb weight with 56 front, 44 rear distribution  
I wanted a all round drivers car that I could take to the track...ANY track. Road course, autocross or Drag strip, Speaking of which, I took it down the track when it was 200 pounds heavier with skinny skinny 15 inch tires and no traction. It ran 13.3 and 113!!! I'm taking it to the track this friday and hopefully I can drop to mid-12's with my bigger meats.  And I hope to get it to the skidpad and roadcourse soon!  

This is my dream and vision and I like to keep the stock look as much as possible, with subtle hints that mega performance lies beneath.

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