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1978 Ford Granada - outlawstock13

1978 Ford Granada 78 Granada Ghia
Owner:   outlawstock13
Year: 1978
Make: Ford
Model: Granada
Est.Horsepower: 180
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About my Granada

'78 Granada Ghia 65,000 original miles, 302 2bbl, auto, Mustang GT "Factory" shorty headers, 2 1/4" exhaust w/Flowmasters and '86 Camaro tailpipes that I custom made, 15"x7" Mopar wheels with Sprint GT's 215-70-15 front and 255-60-15s (these tires are all the same height which I preferred).
Before finding the current caps and trim rings, I tried using the Mopar dog dish caps but it made it look like a Diplomat Cop Car so I almost gave up on these wheels. Glad I didn't give up.
The Horsepower Rating is a guess.

In the additional photos is my friend Anthony's black car. '79 Granada ESS, "Factory" 302, 4 speed, 9" rear,4 wheel disc brakes, bucket seats, and sport steering wheel. The designation "ESS" is "European Sport Sedan".

The photo of our cars was taken after the Pumpkin Fest in Blackwood, NJ. It was Awesome to see our cars getting More attention than the '63 TBird and Split Window Vette we were parked next to.

Comments On outlawstock13's Granada

fxr-4104-tkg | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 02/27/13
Posted: 02/27/13 11:56 AM

Cool Good looking car! Its about time there is something outer than a nova or a mustang to look at! Grin

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