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1984 Chevrolet Camaro - Mr.Apex26

1984 Chevrolet Camaro 1
Owner:   Mr.Apex26
Year: 1984
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Est.Horsepower: 445
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About my Camaro

My baby is a 1984 Z28. The car is currently undergoing a full pro touring build. Engine is fully built 355ci SBC putting out 445HP/450TQ. Transmission is a T-56 6 speed out of a late model Trans Am. Getting the power through the tranny is a RAM 6 pot clutch, with a modified hydraulic throwout bearing. Off the back of the trans is a custom fabricated driveshaft. Rear end is a custom fabricated 9", with a custom fabricated torque arm, and adjustable QA1 coilovers pushing it into the pavement. There is also a hotchkis panhard bar, and control arms in the back, as well as 12" Wilwood disc brakes with 4 piston calipers. Other fabricated pieces under the car are a beefed up torque arm mount/transmission cross memeber, and tubular subframe connectors. Cradling the engine is a modified Spohn K-Member that holds a power rack and pinion. Front suspension consists of Spohn control arms, adjustable QA1 coilovers, held by Spohn strut mounts. Putting a stop to things up front is a Baer T4 brake kit with 13" vented discs and massive 4 piston calipers. As of right now the car is still under construction and should be ready in a few months. Sorry the pictures aren't in order.

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