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1983 Chrysler Imperial - Remy-Z

"Project: Raven"

1983 Chrysler Imperial 1983 Imperial Forward 1 4
Owner:   Remy-Z
Year: 1983
Make: Chrysler
Model: Imperial
Est.Horsepower: 320
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About my Imperial

Vehicle: 1983 Imperial

Car was found mid-2012 in a horse field in southwest Arizona. It had been sitting for at least six or seven years. Originally bone stock, the EFI 318 and stock 904 were removed for a built small-block and kitted 904 from a Dodge Mirada project car that had extreme rear subframe rust and damage. The Imperial had just over 126,000 miles on it when I started work.

Engine: 1981 Chrysler LA small block, 323ci. Ported Magnum 318 heads, mild Comp Cams camshaft, Edelbrock intake, Carter AVS carburetor, MSD 6AL ignition, Mopar Performance distributor, Hooker headers, custom Y-pipe and free flow cat into single 3" exhaust

Transmission: Chrysler A904 TorqueFlite with B&M shift kit

Rearend: Chrysler 8 1/4, 2.94 ratio, SureGrip, 11" AHB Fury brakes, coilover shocks

Frontend: Longitudinal torsion bars, aluminum K-frame isolators, KYB shocks, stock disc brakes

Interior: Stock, excepting Alpine AM/FM/CD/MP3/AUX deck, Kenwood 3" dash/6x9" rear deck speakers

Exterior: Stock DuPont AA9 Charcoal Gray Metallic

Wheels and Tires: Unique 15x8 wheels, BFG T/A Radials, 235/70R15 front, 255/70R15 rear

Upcoming modifications: Rear gear ratio change to 3.23-3.55 range, paint repair or repaint, interior recovering.

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