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1963 Ford Falcon - tommyrodder

1963 Ford Falcon Merlins Pride
Owner:   tommyrodder
Year: 1963
Make: Ford
Model: Falcon
Est.Horsepower: 0
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About my Falcon

this 1963.5 falcon is my fathers that we built over the last few years.  It has a 289 bored .30 over, C4, 9 inch rear, shaves door handles, power windows and trunk, shaved all of the trim, installed frenched '64 Galaxie taillights, lowered 2" in rear, custom dash

I had this car in the early 90's and traded it to the local parts store owner to cover my bill when I went to college and he installed the engine. About 5 years ago my dad purchased it from him, after it sat for about 10 years.  We attacked the body work which was much more extensive than we originally thought.  But with continuing to move forward we finally got it on the road this spring.

My dad just had his 73 birthday in May and has taken the car to a number of shows and absolutely loves to show it off!

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