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2014 Custom Custom - cws_2

"Fastest Hot Rod Lincoln"

2014 Custom Custom Fastest Hot Rod Lincoln
Owner:   cws_2
Year: 2014
Make: Custom
Model: Custom
Est.Horsepower: 1000
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About my Custom

A Kingman AZ neighbor Allen Frost [70 something] is just about finished building his dream hot rod.  It’s a project he has been thinking about for a long time.  Anyone out there know him?

The kick is, he is not your every day car builder he was a licensed modified class driver.  He has driven over 200 races. [He knows how to set up a 200+ mph car AND drive at 200+ mph]  He has personally experienced hitting the wall at 180.  OUCH!

Way back in his youth he was a high skill level fabricator.  Did work for Chrysler and Bentley [Canada]  Hence the body is hot!

Back in the 60s a car had to have over 400hp . . . In the 21st century to join the club its got to do 200+. . . This machine [should] do it.

Looks pretty harmless . . . Don’t be fooled  . . . It’s a good old boy machine full-o-tricks . . .  A no nonsense . . . very Cobraesque, but a Cobra couldn’t keep up or handle at speeds this is capable . . . Ya don’t want to race it. . . .  BTW:  Air dams and spoiler not shown.

This is his first one (he plans to build more) It has a BIG Block + 2:73s + 23” high tires + (Oil & H20 cooling & 2 Nitrous bottles hidden in the back):::

Should work together to generate one hell of a ticket

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